Aftermath 10cm x 20cm.

 Aftermath 10cm x 20cm.

 Aftermath 10cm x 20cm                   The Wave   45cms x 24cms

Artemis  24cms x 10cms                       Artemis 24cms x 10cms                         The Wave 2  31cms x 15cms

Mother and Child 60cms x 23cms

Pathos 50cms x 23cms

Mother and Child  nfs

Leviathan  58cms x 30cms

Sculpted bowl nfs.

Womankind   60cms x 22cms.

White Mother and Child - Morwenna

65cms x 40cms

.  Marine Mother and Child 52cms x 29cms

Iron Bird pc

Pathos  44cms by 21cms

Sea Creature 28cms x  17cms

Seagull bowl  44cms x 22cms

New to page sculptures dated 19th Feb.

2020 Many for sale...


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